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Database for Small Münsterländer

Frøya N08676/01 in the mountains of Brandal, Møre og Romsdal, Norway.

Here you will find a database with ab.32.150 Small Münsterländers. The database contains all the dogs from Denmark, all the dogs from Sweden, all the dogs from Norway, all the dogs from Finland, and thousands from Germany. You will also find some dogs from America, Austria, Holland, Switzerland. Poland and Czechoslovakia. The database was updated 20. August 2018

Links to free databases:

Danish database - Dansk Münsterländer Klub
Finnish database - Suomen Kennelliitto. English, Finnish or Sweedish as language
Norwegian database - DogWeb Norsk Kennel Klub
Swedish database - Svenska Kennelklubben
German database - Verband für Kleine Münsterländer Vorstehhunde e.V

Here you can download an overview of all German dogs born from 1990.

The dogs are sorted by registration numbers - which starts with DK for Denmark, FIN or SF for Finland, N for Norway, S for Sweden, ZBKLM for Germany and so on.

In this version of the database, you will find the dogs in family groups.

When you make a database of this size, it is almost impossible to avoid mistakes. I will therefore ask you to write me about any mistake you will find.

Known information about owners you will find as "Merknader" (notes).

More than 200 dogs have pictures. I will be happy to get more pictures or other information.

Frøya on hare-hunting in Nonsberget, the mountains of Brandal, Møre og Romsdal, Norway.
Here you will find the database as family tree. You may search by registration number or given name - or both. You can choose among several languages.

Press the little button with the tree to enter this version. Last updated 21. August 2018).

Due to Java security, some browsers will not open the applet.

Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox 32 opens it on my PC.

Small Münsterländer in Scandinavia
Small Münsterländer Family Tree



The database is made by Sigurd Eliassen, NO-6062 Brandal, Norway.
The start page was last updated 21. August 2018.

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